In Memory

Donald Williams (Mathematics Teacher)

Donald Williams (Faculty)

Donald Grant Williams

.....deceased  February 11, 1995.......83...Ret. Air force Colonel... was in the movie "Cocoon" as a stunt double for Don Ameche 1987.
A teacher, Olympic medalist, inventor and contributor to the Air Force Space Program. Born in Tampa, Fl. while his parents were here for the winter. Family
originally from Ottawa, Ontario moved here permanently in the 1920's.  He moved to St Pete. in the 1930"s after graduating from U of F, became an engineer for the
city of St Pete at the old gas plant. While workin at the gas plant he came up with a formula for clear plastic and the toohless spiral zipper. In 1941 he was a navigator in the Army Air Corps. He was an air liaison officer for the invasion of North Africa, Sicily and Italy and received many medals for his heroism. After returning to the states he continued his career in the military at Andrews Air Force Base. Went into reasearch and development with the Air Force Space Program and it was his idea to use parachutes for reentry of space capsules in to the earths atmosphere, retireing in 1964.
From 1967 to 1976 he taught math and physics at Northeast High School. Was married 59 years and had a son  Donald JR. and six grandchildren. Buriel at Royal Palm