Survey will be posted for the time being. Results will be updated on the home page as more class members take the reunion survey.

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1)   * If the class of 1971 50-year reunion was held for two nights on April 30/May 1, 2021, at the St. Petersburg Yacht Club, would you plan to attend?

Yes No
2)   * If yes, number likely to attend:

  Three or more
3)   * Plans are to keep costs to about $100 to $125 per person. Would you attend at that cost?

Yes No
We have a small fund set aside. If financial considerations would prevent you from attending, please contact a reunion committee member confidentially.
4)   * Would you be interested in attending just one of the nights or both? Costs for each night have not been determined yet:

  Friday night mixer only
  Saturday night banquet only
5)   Would you be interested in donating funds toward reunion costs?

Yes No
If yes, a member of the planning committee will contact you for more details.
6)   Would you be interested in financially sponsoring an activity or part of the reunion?

  Sponsoring appetizers
  Sponsoring decorations
  Sponsoring name tags
  Sponsoring an outting Saturday afternoon
  Anything else?

If yes, a member of the planning committee will contact you.
7)   Are you interested in helping with any part of the two-day event? For example, cleanup, welcoming table, name tags and other tasks. If so, you will be contacted at a later date.

Yes No
8)   To extend your time to catch up with classmates and friends, would you be interested in going on an optional 3-5 day cruise from Tampa or Port Canaveral?

Yes No