Susie Nousiainen Adams

Profile Updated: September 2, 2015
Residing In: St Petersburg, FL USA
Spouse/Partner: Dating a wonderful man;treats me like a queen...
Occupation: Acrylic Artist; retired science teacher (34 yrs.)
Children: None of my own, but I had thousands during the years that I taught who seemed like mine. I also raised More…a step-daughter from age 11 to 34, although I knew her before her Mother died. I lost her when I broke up with her father after 26 years Dec. 2010.

After graduating from NEHI, I was already engaged to Mike Adams, class of '69, so I went to USF until he graduated. We married and moved to MI, to continue school at MSU, Mike as a grad student, me as an undergrad. We lived there 7 yrs., and I became a teacher to put Mike thru grad school. When med school did not work out, we came back to St Pete, divorced, and went our separate ways. I met and fell in love w/ another man, with whom I spent the next 26 years... We parted ways Dec 17, 2010, which was a good move for me. I found Susie again. For most of my career as a teacher, I was at Northeast, following in Ken Pschorr's footsteps, teaching Anatomy and Physiology (he said that assured his place in Heaven, the best compliment I ever got). I spent a few yrs teaching MS and one year teaching pregnant teens. That was the most rewarding position I ever held... bar none! I retired early, after 34 years of teaching to pursue a new career as an acrylic artist, and the satisfaction of seeing someone enjoy my work is incredible! I can express myself creatively with my eclectic art, in my design company..."Oh Susie! One of a Kind Creations...upcycling in art." Contact me and we can get together to talk over old times...and make new memories!
In March of 2013, my guy and I went to Phoenix, AZ for ten days, traveling to the Grand Canyon, Sedona (where I loaded up on silver jewelry - LOL!) and took in the art there, the Painted Desert (the most incredible colors seen on Earth), and of course, the Petrified Forest! As an artist, it was an incredible journey, and I will always be grateful to him for the gift of that beautiful trip of love!
In Dec of 2013, my guy, John, took me to Maui, Hawaii for 8 days! I was rather adventurous, and rode down Haleakala Volcano on a bike starting at dawn and learned how to paddleboard which made every muscle ache. We attended a lovely luau where I actually enjoyed the poi, and a theatrical performance about the formation of the Islands. I also swam in a 53 degree Sacred Pool on the Road to Hana (the only person in our van load who even got in the water). We had a marvelous time..the Christmas present of a lifetime!
In March, again for my birthday, we traveled to New York to meet John's new grandchild, and ate our way through the Zagat rated restaurants of Manhattan and Brooklyn.
I have recently been decorating John's new 2 Br/2 Ba home as if it were my own...getting to do all the stuff my bungalow won't allow! LOL!

School Story:

President Nixon was coming to town and lots of people were getting out of class to see him. Jeff Dearmin and I were great friends at that time, and neither had any desire to see Nixon, as I recall. Being a "pretty play by the rules kind of girl" and Jeff the same kind of guy, we didn't want to just skip school, though we so wanted to go out to lunch together! Soooo, we asked for parental permission to go see Nixon, which was granted, of course. Well, we were no where near the President that day!!! We were out at the beach, enjoying an, oh so elegant lunch, complete with linen tablecloths, eating Crab Louie Salads at Gene's Lobster House! I thought I'd died and gone to heaven, and had such a wonderful time! I was so afraid I'd get into trouble for lying to my father about where we had been. No worry! Dad and Mom were actually relieved I had skipped and gone to lunch because they thought they were raising a young Republican, when I had asked to go see Nixon! Skipping was OK; Nixon was a NO-NO! LOL!

Since then, Jeff and I tried to re-kindle the feelings we once felt for one another, and even attended the 40th reunion together. Alas, we have really grown in different directions, and no longer have anything in common---except for politics! Some things never change! I wish him well on the rest of his life's journey.

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Hope all is well in your world,and that it continues to be so....Have the happiest birthday ever! Susie

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Here's hoping you have a complete recovery, Jeff.

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Dear Mr. Benjamin,
Sorry I missed your birthday yesterday. I hope it was super, and spent with your lady-friend and the girls and Jack. You are one of my fondest people from NEHI as a student, because you took time to look out for my welfare, and that was always appreciated. I truly hope you celebrate many more birthdays with us! Love, Susie Nousiainen Adams

Mar 04, 2014 at 10:19 PM

Looks like you are doing well. Thanks again for the birthday wishes! Susie

Mar 02, 2014 at 12:31 PM

Thank you Glen for remembering me. It really means a lot! Susie

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