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Hang Outs

McDonald's and Pizza Hut on 62nd Ave N.

Lum's on 4th St. N.

Olson's Drive-in on 4th St N.

Steak N Shake on 34th St. N.

GiGi's Pizza, I think still the best! I heard they have opened a new one on 4th St. N.

The Crown Lounge on Tyrone Blvd.

The Tyrone Square Mall

The Cheshire Cat down in Gulfport

The White Rabbit near Blind Pass and Sunset Beach

Pass a Grille beach

Ft. DeSoto Park and Beach

Clearwater Beach and particularly Sand Key. Remember all the Australian Pines!?  All concrete now.

Biff Burger (Roto broiled with BBQ sauce) and Lil' General C-store across from campus. (From Ramker & Fish)

Gondola Rest. on 4th St. (Cox and I had pre-game steak there every Friday afternoon)
Gandy Beach. (Too much fun to list)

Out of Site shop

 St,Pete national guard armory, and the Eletric Zoo on gandy Blvd (from Dean Wilty)

Patrician Point (parking spot, the Hook Man!) (From Balas)

Weedon Island! For submarine races! (Brett Gold)

Guess I swayed off the path a bit: 1. Gateway Mall; 2. Dobbs Coffee Shops; 3. St. Petersburg Free Clinic on round lake 4. Cressent Lake I could go on. lol Peace (Steve Bolin)


Add to the list - send in and we will add to the list - it will spur some memories!