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In Memory

Edsel Dodson

Edsel Dodson

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05/18/20 10:41 AM #2    

Frank Randolph

I am so sorry to hear about Edsel's passing.  He was a good friend of mine in high school, and we hung around the school campus together in between classes.  I wish comfort to his family during this time.

05/18/20 02:13 PM #3    

Kathy Leinbach (Carrow)

So sorry to hear about Ed Dodson's passing.  I used to walk home from NEHI with him.  He always made me laugh.  He will be missed.  Rest in peace my friend.



05/18/20 04:27 PM #4    

Raina Sturgell (Jones)

I am so sorry to hear of Ed's passing.  He was a great friend and I will miss him.

Prayers and thoughts go to his family,

05/19/20 12:55 PM #5    

Brett Gold

Rest in peace my dear friend Edsel Dodson. I remember we always used to hang out and have fun. i'm sure he lived right by the canal on 16th St. Off of 62nd Ave. it's been so many years and I think my memory has served me well. My deepest sympathies to his family. See you in the next life Edsel peace and love.☮️❤️
Brett Gold.

05/19/20 03:22 PM #6    

Robert Eanell

Soory to hear of Ed's passing.  He was a really nice guy and always made me laugh.  My best to his family in this difficult time.....

Robert Eanell

05/20/20 12:56 PM #7    

Barbara Dodson (Kress)

I remember sitting behind Eddie in homeroom and they would call my name Barbara Dodson and then they would call Eddie's name and then ask if we were brother and sister ever new year. I am sorry to hear about Eddie's passing my prayers go out to his family

05/20/20 09:25 PM #8    

Randy Hulvey

 We met while playing on the same Meadowlawn Little League baseball team (Foremost Dairy) and quickly became best friends. Our friendship lasted a lifetime. He loved to laugh and his laughter was contageous. Ed was an extrovert with a wild streak and I was the exact opposite, so we were an unlikely duo. Hanging around him brought me out of my shell and we wound up doing some crazy shit together. (ask Nancy O'Brien) Ed turned me on to my first joint and I drank my first beer with him. After graduation, we traveled to Colorado and camped out high in the Rockies. In early 1972 we traveled to Hawaii and camped in the jungles of Maui. When I got married, Ed was my best man. Around that

time, I decided I wanted to learn to play lap steel guitar. I found a beauty at Ivan O'Whipple's pawnshop on ninth street for $60. I didn't have the money so Ed bought it for me. I still have that guitar, it's one of my prized possessions and it sounds fabulous! Here's a link to a video I made in honor of Ed where I'm playing my prized possession: https://youtu.be/OfaY1XO_CEI   Eight months ago he called and told me he was planning a trip to Hawaii. He knew he didn't have long to live and wanted to see Maui one last time. He asked me to accompany him and I said I would but it was wishful thinking on his part as he was in no condition to travel. Thanks for a lifetime of memories Ed, I will miss your friendship and infectious laughter.

05/21/20 01:58 PM #9    

Kathy Leinbach (Carrow)

What a wonderful tribute to Eddie.  After I read it and wiped away my tears I felt compelled to tell you what a stunning tribute this was for Eddie. How awesome to have such a good friend for over fifty years.  That is defintely something to be proud .  You all were so lucky to have such fantastic journeys together.  I do remember Eddie very vividly.  He was so very funny and he an incredibly infectious laugh.  We also shared several classes at NEHI together.  We were in the same Biology class  with Mr. Allen.  Eddie and I were Lab partners.  One of our Lab assignments involved dissecting a frog.  What happened next was both gross and amusing..  Our frog's eyes fell out and started bouncing on the floor.  Trust me when i say a lot of laughter broke out in the class room...  I hope this brings a smile to your face as well.  That memory always makes me chuckle..  Thanks for being such a good friend to Eddie.  Cherish the memories.  Rest in peace Eddie.


Kathe Leinbach Carrow



05/21/20 05:26 PM #10    

Gary Ellerman

I remember hanging with Ed and Randy in grades 10 and 11. We would crack each other up with our impressions of various teachers and students and we loved to laugh together. I also recall talking and debating alot about the music of the time with Ed. He was a great guy and I always enjoyed his company. Fantastic tribute Randy, I'm glad you continued to share your friendship all these years. My condolences to Ed's family, you and all the rest of his friends.

05/22/20 12:30 PM #11    

Deb /Dale' Le Bus (Darnell)


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